2015 Annual Report

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Where do giving and nursing intersect?

Clearly, nurses give to their patients; but their giving goes so far beyond that. By sharing their expertise and passion for taking excellent care of patients, nurses also give to their colleagues, families, friends, and communities.

For more than 60 years, the American Nurses Foundation has provided a way for the world to give back to nurses. We support nurses and advocate for them to lead the charge to make health care better. Nurses play a critical role in how we live and how we die. Patients and families express their deep gratitude in heartfelt ways, like by delivering cookies or flowers to a hospital unit or office.

The Foundation offers the opportunity to thank nurses on a wider scale and with a lasting impact. Our programs enable nurses to use their knowledge about patients’ needs to influence and improve how hospitals operate. We strive to make health policy more patient-focused and encourage nurses across the country to develop and implement new and better ways of caring for patients and their families.

Now is the time to give back to nurses. It is time for those of us who have experienced outstanding nursing care and want it to be available to everyone. It is time for those of us who benefit every day from what nurses do to promote health and protect patients. It is time for those of us who believe the nursing profession is the ultimate combination of art and science, skill, and commitment. We must invest in nursing at a scale that matches the profound contributions nurses have already made to health care—and the colossal potential they have to make an even greater impact. 


Kate Judge
Executive Director

Marla J. Weston
Chief Executive Officer

Tim Porter-O’Grady
Chair, Board of Trustees