Celebrate a Profession to Love in February

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What do you love about nursing? Nurses from across the country shared their answers to this question in a survey by the American Nurses Foundation at the ANA House of Delegates meeting in June 2012. The survey honed in on the many reasons for nurses to value their profession, their colleagues, and themselves -- the idea behind the Foundation’s ongoing “Honor a Nurse” campaign.

The American Nurses Foundation encourages nurses to celebrate nursing in the month of February with a gift to the Honor a Nurse campaign at

Nurses are passionate about their profession for many reasons.  In their words: I love nursing because of:

  • My peers, my patients and my organization
  • The variety
  • How it energizes me! (even at the end of the shift)
  • The chance to serve soldiers
  • Its role in coordinating care
  • The help I can provide patients and families
  • How it provides caring from beginning to end
  • The power to make a change

We invite YOU to share your thoughts at

Together, nurses can make a difference with their support to the American Nurses Foundation Mission: “Transforming the nation’s health through the power of nursing.”