Stryker Medical: Why Nursing Research Matters

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from left: Sarah Leitz, Prevention Programs, Stryker
 Medical, Brad Saar, President, Stryker Medical,
 Kate Judge, Executive Director, American Nurses Foundation

Brad Saar is clear why Styrker is successful and that its success depends on nursing. “We make the products that facilitate better care; nurses deliver that care. The two have to work together,” said Saar, President of Stryker Medical, a division of Stryker Corporation. It is part of Stryker’s corporate mantra: product plus process equals prevention. Now that quality and patient satisfaction have new clout in the market place, it’s a mantra that cuts to the heart of quality care.

Stryker has a commitment to product research as an essential component to excellence. It has also been supportive of research exploring nursing’s role in quality care outcomes in care as well. The Margretta Madden Styles Credentialing Research Endowed Grant funded by Stryker Medical. The 2011 grant was made to Olga Jarrin, RN, PhD, a post doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, who is researching nursing work environment on nurse and patient outcomes. Her work is built on the Magnet Program which recognizes healthcare organizations for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice.

Stryker Medical and the Magnet Program are a good match says Baar, “we want to support organizations that share our high aspirations and demonstrates evidence of impact.” Research-based evidence on nursing is at the heart of the Styles Endowed Fund, founded by The American Nurses Credentialing Center, a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association. “Patients and nurses alike deserve to know what makes the difference in excellent nursing care,” says ANCC Executive Director, Karen Drenkard PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN. Like Stryker Medical, the ANCC has invested in supporting high quality research on the relationship of credentialing in nursing to quality outcomes in health care funded by the Styles Fund.

Endowed funds such as the Margaretta Madden Styles Credentialing Research Fund are managed by the American Nurse Foundation and used to support nursing research through the Foundation’s Nursing Research Grant Program. To learn about creating a dedicated research fund contact Nick Blencowe at (301) 628-5179 or