Nurses and the Japanese Tsunami

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The American Nurses Foundation (the Foundation) witnessed an extraordinary response from nurses when the earthquake and tsunami destroyed expansive areas of Japan. The Foundation set up the American Nurses Foundation Nurses Disaster Fund–Japan to support the Japanese Nurses Association (JNA) and sent over $25,000 to the JNA. The funds were used for special buses that made daily trips to affected areas bringing food and disaster nurses. The Foundation also supported registering and training more disaster nurses in Japan. Finally, the Foundation's support enabled the Japanese nurses to conduct assessments of the nursing needs in affected areas and brought nurses together after the disaster to share their experiences and identify improvements needed in the response system.

At the one year anniversary of the disaster the Japanese Nurse Association distributed a report on the disaster response.

The overwhelming philanthropic support from US nurses included nurses at the Morristown Memorial Hospital in New Jersey. There nurses lead a grass-roots initiative for donations and enabled a combination of dollars that would have been spent on National Nurses Week gifts and print advertising to be donated to the American Nurses Foundation. Similarly, the Washington State Nurses Association and the greater Phoenix chapter of the Arizona Nurses Association made generous donations to the American Nurses Foundation Nurses Disaster Fund–Japan.